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Why do big sharks eat little things?

How did they get the name “shark?”

How many years can a shark live?

What do great white sharks mostly eat?

If they sleep, where do they do it?

How does a shark die normally?

What kind of sport kills sharks?

Do sharks give birth to live baby sharks or eggs?

Do they swim in the New Jersey area?

How did they get the name “tiger shark” or “dwarf shark?”

Are there female sharks?

How many teeth do sharks have?

Do any animals that do NOT fear sharks?

Do sharks kill each other?

Do any animals feed on sharks?

How many sharks die a year?

Do sharks have a bigger brain than humans

What do sharks do most of the time?



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Do animals get enough food?

If animals die where do they put the bodies?

Are the animals overcrowded?

What happens when animals get old?

Animals in winter?

How do they feed the dangerous animals?

What food do the animals eat?

What if an animal attacks somebody?

What if animals fight?

How secure are the animals from escaping?

How do you get a job at the zoo?

How much do zoo keepers get paid?

How do they get big animals in little cages?

Is it safe for the animals?


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Please find the resources for the Shark Attack Debate in the following links:



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1.Irony : when something happens that is the very different from what was expected.

2.Theme: is a message about life or human nature.

3.First-person point of view:The story teller is a character in the story. 

4a.Third-person point of view-limited- The story teller is outside the action, and knows only about one character.

4b. Third person point of viewomniscient The story teller is outside the story and knows everything about everybody

5.Character Traits- Tells about what the character looks like and/or about his or her personality.

6.Foreshadowing– Occurs when writer gives hints about what will happen later in the story.

7.Mood– the feeling or atmosphere that a writer creates for the reader.

8.Tone– The writer’s attitude toward his or her subject.

9.Simile : to compare two things using the words like or as that are not alike .

10.Alliteration:is the repetition of consonants sounds at the beginning of words.

Definitions typed and written by Afterschool Program: Group A.

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Copy and paste this link.  Type the definition of the words assigned to you.


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The results of the students in each grade that achieved at least 41 out of 51 Blue Ribbons in Study Island 2nd Grade Assignments:

1st place: 8th Grade:76%

2nd place: 6th Grade: 59%

3rd place: 7th Grade: 31%

Those students who haven’t achieved 41 Ribbons yet must stay for lunch recess and the after school program until they are passing.

Peer Tutoring is fun and everyone learns


The generous and patient students interested in helping may do so in the Peer Tutor Program and should see Mr. Mach asap.  Peer Tutoring is a fun way of working on hours of community service and can be put on high school and college applications as extra curricular activity.  Also, by teaching others about a topic it is impossible to not learn the topic better yourself!

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Do Now: 11/15/10

Complete all of these direction in order!

A. Copy everything on the Homework Page into your planner and keep it open

B. Write EVERY WORD of This Week’s Objective exactly the way it is into your planner: Click here for this week’s Objective

C. Score Blue Ribbons on StudyIslandAssignments:

  • Username is number@ENPS (for example: 100@ENPS)
  • All assignments due this Friday!

D. Complete as many Reading, Writing, or Review sections as you can on eastnewark.rosettastoneclassroom.com

E. Only if you have finished ALL Study Island Assignments you can work on Extension Projects.  You have to work without talking or getting out of your seat.

Extension Projects you can work on:
1. Draw a picture from any of the stories we’ve read in class so far.  Include the title of the story in the picture.
2. Make a poster for the classroom about one of the topics.  (synonyms, antonyms, first person characters, third person characters)
3. Any projects Mr. Mach has already given you permission to work on, including

Extension Projects due this Friday!

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